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      Into Jiuyue
      HEBEI JIUYUE COOKWARE CO.,LTD is an enterprise specialized in manufacturing high and medium grade temperde glass lid. Our products are used for stainless steel kettle, enamel pan, non-stick pan, electric food warmer, pizza pans and other kitchen utendils. The company id located in Shahe city which is well-known as "CHINESE GLASS CITY" for its high-quality glass in China. To the east of our company is products can be exported abroad through Tianjin and Qingdao port directly.

      JIUYUE COOKWARE-Our company's product quality is at the leading level in China.

      • Temperature resistance test

        Put the lid in the oven at 200 ℃ for 30 minutes, then put it in the water at 20 ℃ without breaking ...
      • Impact test

        When the 225 gram ball falls freely from 1.5 meters, it will fall vertically to the 1 / 3 radius of the pot cover. After three ti...
      • Stress testing

        When the pressure of 120? Is applied on the glass pot cover and the surface is rubbed for 15 times, it can be calm for ...
      • Destructive test

        When the force is applied on the glass cover 5 * 5cm, there will be 70 to 120 glass particles for 4mm thick glass and m...
      • Dishwasher test

        The glass cover is washed 50 times in the dishwasher, and there is no yellow and dark marks on the glass cove...
      Contact:Mr Song +86-18831994888
      Tel:+86-319-8981888 8981481 8998444
      E-mail:shb@xfghbl.com xfghbl@sohu.com
      Add:east of northern eastern ring road, econnmic development zone of shahe city, hebei province, china
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